Healing Space

For young people aged 8 to 11 years of age 

A workshop that invites young people to share stories of their lives in a supportive space using the ‘Tree of Life’ metaphor. This intervention utilities creative activities to help young people discover the wisdom that lies within their experiences.


This approach is easy to engage with, fun and at the same time enables young people to speak about aspects of themselves and their lives in a way that is empowering and increases resilience.

Key objectives:

  • Build confidence and resilience

  • Uncover strengths, cultural values and traditions to contribute to the process of healing

  • Increase problem solving skills

  • Strengthen relationships with significant others e.g. family, friends, peers or teachers to widen support network.

  • Inspire hope


Activities included:

  • Individual art work

  • Pair & group activities

  • Guided visualization

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