How I Work


My approach is pluralistic, thinking about the interconnectedness of the mind, body and spirit. As a counsellor I work to explore the conscious and unconscious aspects of self to discover the underlying causes to symptoms. Furthermore, I also recognize the importance of working holistically taking into consideration the relationship between an individual’s inner world, external reality and their spiritual selves. 


I also implement goal-orientated and focused strategies. We work together in equal partnership to stimulate new perspectives in thinking, being and relating to others.

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I will help you to implement conscious raising strategies to help facilitate a more positive sense of self and to find ways of managing difficult feelings and experiences. The process is proactive and like the counselling requires active engagement.

Ultimately, both approaches can assist you in accessing your own inner wisdom and facilitate self-discovery and healing.

Trained in traditional psychodynamic approaches, I interfuse these theories with intercultural therapy and CBT. I am also influenced by black feminist perspectives, power based therapy and spirituality outside of the context of religion.
I compliment these methods using Reiki, breathing and relaxation exercises, meditation, mindfulness and guided visualizations where appropriate.
Online Mentoring

I enjoy working with people from a range of culturally diverse backgrounds, nationally and worldwide.​ I also have a special interest in issues related to race, culture, ethnicity and experiences of marginalization. Supporting individuals to work towards inner peace and finding ways to heal from trauma, grief, depression and anxiety.

​​I offer a FREE 15-minute initial telephone consultation.

During the consultation, I'll ask for a brief summary of what has brought you to seek therapy. We will then discuss how I work and how we could effectively work together. I'll answer whatever questions you have about me or about the process in general.

If you decide you would like to go ahead, I will schedule an appointment for you at a mutually agreed date and time.

After the first assessment session and after spending time together, you will get a sense intuitively whether working with me feels right and whether you would like to continue weekly sessions.