About Me


As a black woman, an integral part of my growth towards inner peace has been in freeing myself from the constraints of negative stereotypes, assumptions and judgements placed upon me from individuals, society in general and most importantly, myself.

I recognized I had the power to alleviate the effects of the negative and oppressive narrative black women and girls are often subjected to. Through this process and through my work in private practice, I have developed skills and techniques that I am now able to share with my clients to assist them towards their own liberation.

I had to confront the ways in which I consciously and unconsciously tried to live up to certain gender roles and how I was devaluing my person-hood, skills and experiences fueling my inner critic, only to become a watered-down version of myself. It has been a challenging process, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. From molding myself into suffocating labels that never fit, weighed me down and silenced my authentic expression to rejecting these beliefs. Reclaiming what was once denied and celebrating the fullness of who I am has helped me restore inner peace.

Now I continuously strive to relate to the world with full ownership of who I am, where I come from and what I represent. In a world where there is pressure to conform, striving for authenticity is a revolutionary act. My passion is to help others walk their own path to freedom.